DSL Internet

DSL Internet is a high-speed Internet option that utilizes existing telephone wires and works with a DSL modem to provide Internet connectivity to a business or household. DSL Internet service is one of four different types of broadband Internet, which also include the high speed options of cable, satellite and fiber optic, all of which offer much faster speeds than the traditional dial up format.

DSL Broadband Internet Service

DSL is widely available, fast working and an affordable service option that offers broadband Internet speed. Specifically, broadband Internet is a term to describe high speed connectivity and DSL Internet can operate at speeds up to 40 Mbps, making it fast and convenient to surf the web, stream videos and transfer files online.

How DSL Works

As mentioned before, DSL works by using the existing telephone wires in your home or business to provide Internet service to subscribers. However, unlike the traditional dial up, DSL Internet isn’t only much faster, but it also allows users to use the Internet and talk on the telephone at the same time. That’s because DSL works by essentially expanding your phone line and tapping into the portion of it that doesn’t need to be accessed for phone call usage.

Where is DSL Available?

DSL Internet is widely available and can be accessed in just about any city or metro area. Rural settings might not have access to DSL services, solely because the type of infrastructure necessary to support it might not be available in such areas, making it more difficult – and thereby more expensive – to bring DSL to such areas. It’s also worth mentioning that DSL speeds can be greatly impacted by the distance of a subscriber line from the particular switching station that it’s working from.

Can DSL be Wireless?

Wireless hot spots are popping up everywhere and if your home or business has more than one computer, tablet or mobile device that’s going to need Internet access, then wireless is likely the way you’ll want to go. So can DSL Internet be wireless? The answer is “yes.” However, you’re going to need to purchase a wireless router to make this happen. Wireless routers can be purchased separately from the DSL modem. However, you can also purchase modem/wireless router combinations to carry out both of these tasks with one device.

DSL Internet is an affordable high speed option, although of course plan prices will fluctuate with bandwidth needs.