High Speed Broadband and High Speed DSL Defined

Lost in the fact that most Internet and cable companies use confusing terms to describe their service? The terms “high speed broadband” or “high speed internet” are recognized by the Federal Communications Commission as legitimate technological nomenclature. According to the FCC, broadband and high speed internet are services that provide consistently and considerably higher delivery speeds than those delivered by a 56 kbit/s modem.

High speed internet service that delivers data at rates of between 500 and 2,000 kbits/s are considered true to their name. Broadband high speed — generally considered the same thing as high speed internet service – is in reference to four different types of delivery systems: DSL high speed (digital subscriber line), fiber optic, cable and satellite. In other words, high speed internet and broadband are the same thing and both refer to these four types of delivery systems.

Why choose high speed DSL?

DSL high speed was the first broadband – or high speed internet service – available to the general public. Being an original in the world of technology is often associated with being out of date or slower. However, that is not the case with DSL.

The advantage of high speed DSL is that is widely available in metro and suburban cities acorss the United States. In addition, it is typically less expensive than the other high speed broadband services. Most importantly, high speed DSL is incredibly reliable. Unlike the other services, such as cable Internet, you have a direct connection to your provider.

High Speed Broadband – High Speed DSL and What to Consider

If you aren’t sure if you need high speed DSL, the following are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Will a slow delivery service (56 kbps) support and satisfy my needs? If you enjoy gaming, own multiple Internet devices, or you become impatient while waiting for pages to load, then the answer to the question is no, dialup just wont do. You’ll need to upgrade and decide on a high speed broadband package.
  • Is high speed DSL available in my area? Though it’s rare, there are some places in the US that high speed Internet still isn’t available, but even in those places, it likely will be soon. However, satellite internet is available to everyone if high speed internet is imperative for you to succeed or entertain yourself. Call now to talk to an Internet expert to get set up with Satellite Internet.
  • Am I getting the maximum service out of my technology? With the speed of today’s motherboards and processors, unless you have an older computer, it’s unlikely you can get your computer’s full potential using 56 kbit/s. In other words, generally 56 kbit/s slows your computer down, rarely the other way around.

Before making a decision regarding high speed broadband, you should use the technology. If you’re not familiar with high speed DSL, make an effort to use it before you buy the service. More than likely, the advantage of high speed internet service will become very apparent.